Homesites available in Historic Gerbing Gardens.
Be a part of the ownership and restoration of historic Gerbing Gardens on Amelia Island, Florida. We are offering 4 one-half acre home sites with a three-acre shared Camellia and Azalea Park.  This is a garden community featuring original plants over half a century old planted by G.G. Gerbing, a major figure in the horticulture industy of post-war Florida.  
See attachment for the plat of the homesites and communal park.
Historical Summary of Gustav Gerbing and Gerbing Gardens:
Description of the Gardens in Gustav Gerbing's own words ("Camellias" by G.G. Gerbing, The Record Press, St. Augustine, Fla., copyright 1950.)
     "From a small start in 1932, I have developed my show gardens and nursery to a point where I have 250,000 Camellias and Azaleas occupying 15 acres of ground along the banks of the Amelia River.... I intended to develop a completely modern, formal type of garden.  This aim has been accomplished, and just as soon as the war is over [sic], my garden will be open to the public. ...The river bank, fortified by a 1200-foot concrete sea wall is bordered by a terrace planted with 25,000 Azaleas.  Roses, all kinds of bulbs, perennials, annuals and an assortment of Camellias and Azaleas fill the 4-acre sunken garden."  (pp. xiii-xiv) 
In the 19302 and 1940s Gustav Gerbing played a major role in the revival of interest in growing Camellias and introduced many new varieties.  He published "Camellias" in 1943 and the revised 1950 edition illustrates over a hundred of "The Choicest Kinds" which he grew and sold from the Nurseries.  Of the plant varieties which he and his successor, Ralph May, introduced the "(Mrs) G.G. Gerbing" white Azalea indica and the "Jean May" Camellia japonica have become mainstays in Southern gardens.
(4/1/09, Marianne Salas, Affiliate, Late Bloomers Garden Club, Florida)
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